God's Not Dead movie

From a reader:
I normally do not recommend movies, but just saw an excellent movie: God's Not Dead.  It is based on true stories and lawsuits in the U.S.; five just in Wisconsin universities.  A great story on the argument of the existence of God.  Check out the trailer.


  1. "God's Not Dead" is at best a mixed bag. The classroom debates about the existence of God are quite good, but the rest of the movie fails to portray an interesting, plausible human drama. In fact, its depiction of atheists is so shallow in its portrayal of non-believers that it promises to be to atheists what "Reefer Madness" is to potheads.

    1. "Atheists are good people, too" huh, Leo?

      Except experience is tending otherwise.

  2. I liked the movie very much. Agree with the classroom debates. Kids are being taught to believe in nothing, everything's relative, etc. Very few people are educated to be or find the common sense to do their own critical examination of God's existence. Too many people read novels and watch movies about Jesus having a wife and other fantasies ("lost or hidden books of the bible) and think that's the real truth.


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