JS: Sister Isaac Jogues was a born educator — and Packers fan

Sylvia Linton had never met a nun when she started working as a librarian at Mount Mary College. She expected stern women in black robes and veils. Then she met Sister Isaac Jogues Rousseau.

"Sister I.J." wore green and gold on Packer game days, and she stopped by the library to belt out the Packer fight song, "Go! You Packers! Go!"

"She was the tiniest nun there, but she had the biggest spirit," Linton said.

Sister Isaac Jogues Rousseau, who educated Mount Mary students for 50 years and taught in seminaries from St. Louis to Rome, died of natural causes Wednesday in Elm Grove. She was 93.

Marjorie Rousseau was born in Green Bay on January 13, 1921 — the same year the Packers entered the NFL. "I was a Packer fan since birth," she often said. Her father was a public school principal; her mother stayed home to take care of Marjorie and her younger sisters, Rosemary and Eunice.

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