Planned Parenthood caught teaching kids how to incorporate torture into their statutory rape

Arlington, VA – The pro-life group Live Action has released an undercover video that shows a Planned Parenthood staffer promoting violent sex acts for minors in a counseling session. The employee explains to the Live Action investigator, posing as a fifteen-year-old girl, several sexually deviant concepts, such as role-play and the use of whips and handcuffs to inflict pain on a sexual partner. “You could be a dominatrix-type of person,” she says, “where you dress in all leather, with the whips and the handcuffs.” The video comes in the wake of news that through ObamaCare, an additional $75 million in taxpayer funding will be allocated by the Department of Health and Human Services for sex education. Planned Parenthood, which has received hundreds of millions already to be an ObamaCare “navigator,” is poised to receive a significant amount of this funding.
It's really hard to add much commentary to this. But you can help expose Planned Parenthood by joining the "Tweetfest." Share this blog post (or the video below) with #SexEd on Twitter or Facebook this afternoon to help break the media blackout.

WARNING: Even as this video is heavily censored, it is still quite graphic.

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