St. Agnes school in St. Paul receives $10 million donation

via Orbis
Maronite John Nasseff is one of the finest and most interesting Catholic gentlemen you will ever meet. As a kid I often saw him in downtown St. Paul. Always with a smile. He constructed the new Maronite parish in Minneapolis in 1999. He is a pious, saintly, and generous man. Now in his 90th year, the Lord reward him a thousandfold.

He just donated 10 million dollars to my alma mater...

"Nasseff was one of seven children of Lebanese immigrants who settled on St. Paul's West Side. He started working at West Publishing in 1946 unloading boxcars and sweeping floors. He rose quickly by suggesting ways the legal publisher could save money on its printing operations, and he invested in company stock. When West was sold and he retired as a vice president in 1996, his share was worth about $175 million. Since then, he has been giving it away."


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