Vigil for Life of Madison marks the Griswold vs. Connecticut anniversary

This morning, Vigil for Life of Madison hosted its annual Griswold vs. Connecticut vigil, marking the 49th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that legalized contraception. That decision ultimately paved the way for the Roe vs. Wade decision just eight years later.

Pro-Life Wisconsin's Emma Scuglik spoke to the group, and Vigil for Life participants led prayer and Scripture readings. Here are photos from the event.

Participants gather for Vigil for Life of Madison's annual Griswold vs. Connecticut vigil

The past three directors of Madison Vigil for Life: Laura Karlen, Bette Weisshaar and Gwen Finnegan

Pro-Life Wisconsin's Emma Scuglik addressed the attendees.

He just wouldn't let that sign go.
A group shot before we departed.

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