Wisconsin Catholic Conference issues statement on Barbara Crabb Marriage Amendment decision

Thank you WCC for issuing a statement.

Other than Madison, I have yet to see any other statements from dioceses, but please let me know if one is issued.

Also: Crabb said she did not explicitly tell county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples
I don't really buy that, this is orchestrated the same way at other judicial fiats in the country, the same reason a decision was reached on Friday afternoon so it could get a weekend news cycle.  I guess to protect her reputation she is going to be coy.
42 Wisconsin Counties Issue Gay Marriage Licenses
Wisconsin Family Action: Drumbeats, Marriage, Judges and the Truth

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  1. That's a weak statement by the bishops' conference. I prefer Bishop Morlino's statement. I am still waiting the the Metropolitan Archbishop of Milwaukee to issue a statement!


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