Wisconsin woman faces charges for practicing unlicensed dentistry

Looking for supplemental income? Don't try freelance dentistry
A Waukesha woman has been charged with child abuse and could face prison time for practicing dentistry without a license. Police say she was putting braces on children, using her living room as an office.
I mean, don't look down on her. It's not like we haven't all done it. I once put in a heart stent from my garage office. No harm, no foul.
A criminal complaint says Aguilera told him the overall cost “would come to approximately $900, compared to the $5,000 or $6,000 that one would pay if going to a dentist.” The officer says Aguilera admitted she did not have a license, but had worked as a dental assistant."
Also, she stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. To me, the most notable part of this story isn't the lack of a license, it's the lack of a degree in dentistry.

Hard to believe this isn't even close to the strangest story out of Waukesha this week.


  1. LOL, what the heck is going on in Waukesha?!

  2. Even dentists don't normally put on braces. It's the purview of an orthodontist....


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