50 years ago today, Bp. Morlino joined the Society of Jesus

In other Madison news, haters gonna hate.
As for the petitions being delivered Thursday, King called it "a non-event" and said Morlino will not be present to receive the petitions.

"We've known about their efforts for the past couple of weeks," King said. "Not one person has called our office for any clarification, which we've offered through our public statements."
Read more: http://host.madison.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/religion/in-the-spirit-petitions-with-more-than-signatures-to-be/article_d89014d3-94b9-58b8-ad5f-82b2120357e4.html#ixzz393z511ME

Oops, you are supposed to at least keep up the guise of actually caring about what happens in the Catholic Church before pretending to care about her Baptismal policies.  I don't think there's much point in wasting any more breath on it.  The leaked policy is the correct policy, I assume more diocese will adopt the model.  To mandate Baptism for non-Christian parents(of which committed same-sex partners would generally fall) would require a change to Canon Law.  We could go into, well they are living chastely and already had adopted children prior to some level of conversion, well yes, but that is exactly why the diocese is taking the pressure of the priests to make the determination and now the "blame" when baptism is denied falls on the diocese or the bishop.

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