Abp. Nienstedt continues to have personal accusations against him because of religious convictions

Statement Regarding Internal Investigation From Archbishop John Nienstedt
Upon my direction, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is conducting an internal investigation involving allegations made against me. These allegations are absolutely and entirely false. Nonetheless, I ordered Bishop Lee Piché to oversee an independent, thorough investigation and that he hire an outside firm unaffiliated with the Archdiocese to conduct the investigation.

The allegations do not involve minors or lay members of the faithful, and they do not implicate any kind of illegal or criminal behavior. The allegations involve events alleged to have occurred at least a decade ago, before I began serving in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

I have ordered that the investigation be conducted for the benefit of the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese investigates all allegations of clergy misconduct. It would be unfair to ignore these allegations simply because I know them to be false. Since I would instruct the Archdiocese to investigate similar allegations made against any priest, I have ordered the Archdiocese to independently investigate the allegations made against me.

The investigation is ongoing. The Apostolic Nuncio, who oversees all bishops in the United States, has been informed of the allegations and he will be informed of the results of the investigation when it is completed. Let us pray that the truth will come out as a result of the investigation.
Report: Minnesota Archbishop Nienstedt under scrutiny for same-sex relationships
In a written response to Commonweal, Nienstedt dismissed the charges as a “personal attack against me due to my unwavering stance on issues consistent with church teaching, such as opposition to so-called same-sex marriage.”
Commonweal: Archbishop Nienstedt under investigation.

I wonder if Pope Francis also was referring to the Gay Mafia with his recent comments.

Obviously anyone following the news can't help but side with Abp. Nienstedt.  Whatever these people hope to accomplish has failed, and now the accusers are just a big joke.  

Don't forget Jeff Anderson's new law in MN:  New law exempts statute of limitations for victims

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  1. No different than the made-up NHL player "who was coming out" or what recently happened to actor Luke Grimes (raised traditional according to IMDB) and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Is paranoia like this NOT proof of mental illness? I have pointed out in the past that where there are other mental illnesses, whatever else is wrong (or deviant) with an individual also is mental illness. Psychiatrists incorporate this into the practice, but have been gagged with respect to homosexual deviancy. Google: homosexual steroids. Google: homosexual drug. Google: homosexual mental health. Most of the results that appear are mental illness. These people DO NEED treatment, whatever they want to call it.


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