Detroit Mass Mob swells to 1,800 at Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church

For the third time in a row, the Detroit Mass Mob movement filled every seat and spilled out the doors Sunday at another historic, architecturally awe-inspiring Catholic church in Detroit.

An estimated 1,800 curious Catholics, many who attend suburban parishes, made for a standing-room-only crowd at Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church at 4440 Russell, considered the largest Catholic church in the city.

“We didn’t expect almost 2,000,” said Jeff Stawasz, a Detroiter and Catholic school graduate who teamed up with other volunteers through social media to launch the movement. It’s designed to introduce suburban Catholics to historical, yet struggling, churches in Detroit.

The Mass Mob, said Stawasz, is “a wonderful marriage of history and Catholicism in the metro area and this is why we have the crowd today. There are so many ties to these old parishes, through parents and grandparents. These baby boomers want to go back to these heritage churches.”

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  1. I wonder if Larry was there - he left a comment on my blog saying he just found his wife and kids - I bet it was at the Mass mob.


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