Gone fishin'

To varying degrees I am out of the "office" for the next 5 weeks.  Yes, thanks for asking, I get paid paternity leave now, my German overlords knew precisely how to sell me on the prospect of being a "lifer." Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!

My stouthearted brothers in conspiracy can fill in where they have time, but it summertiiiiiiiime(great, now I have Kenny Chesney stuck in my head), so yeah, Polka Mass to your hearts content and I won't even complain about them.  I have a few things I'm hoping to get done, and hopefully some pictures of the churches of our motherland here.

My heart goes out to the Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere who suffer persecutions and genocide and the hands of Islamic militants, you may notice my profile on Twitter and Facebook reflect this.

If you do see anything of interest for us out here, feel free to email it to me.  I'll post it when I have a chance.

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