LifeSite: Wisconsin Catholic hospital employs 3 abortionists: local pro-life activists

Local Wisconsin Catholics are organizing protests outside a La Crosse Catholic-affiliated hospital that they say is employing up to three abortionists on staff. While the protesters acknowledge that the abortionists don’t perform abortions at the Catholic hospital itself, they say it is unacceptable for the hospital to be affiliated with abortionists in any way, and are calling for the hospital to sever ties with the doctors.

Leif and Karen Arvidson, who are spearheading the protests, say that they were galvanized into action after Dr. Carl Rose, who works at the Catholic hospital part-time, suggested abortion as an option when their eighth child was found to have physical ailments in 2012.

Leif spoke to LifeSiteNews via telephone Wednesday evening, shortly after he returned from a protest at the hospital that he says was attended by over 100 local pro-life activists.

He said that after he and his wife had their negative experiences with Dr. Rose and became suspicious about his background, his wife anonymously called the doctor’s office and was told that Dr. Rose would be willing to perform an abortion up to 20 weeks, for any reason. Leif also said that administrators at the hospital have admitted in private that Dr. Rose does indeed perform abortions at a nearby hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

Leif also said that in the process of investigating Dr. Rose, he and his wife discovered that two other doctors that work at the Catholic hospital also perform abortions elsewhere, something that was independently confirmed by Pro-Life Action Ministries.

The most thorough article to date on the topic.  

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  1. In this issue, Bishop Callahan will be like his creator, Cardinal Dolan. He will be on both sides of this issue.


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