Abp. Listecki predicts "smaller and stronger" US Catholic Church, "a half-hearted Catholic will not be able to stand"

More and more, it will be imperative for the Catholic who lives in an ever-growing secularist environment to embody a commitment to the totality of the Church’s teachings. A half-hearted Catholic will not be able to stand against the criticisms of those who find the Church as an archaic remnant of a time passed. They will be ill equipped to defend the Church against a material rationalistic society.

My conclusion to the question of the face of the Catholic Church in the United States is that we will be smaller but stronger, because we will stand for the truth given to us through the Holy Spirit’s presence in the Church instituted by Christ. But even as we become smaller and stronger, we will still be called to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
Arch Mil


  1. If only he wasn't so standoffish with the People and priests attached to St. Stans... sigh

  2. Doesn't a smaller Church indicate a failure to follow the teaching to go and make disciples of all nations?

  3. Not sure why any Roman Catholic Bishop would say something like this. I felt a twinge of despair reading it.

  4. "I felt a twinge of despair reading it."

    Maybe the ArchMil Communications Team will help put a nice spin on it in the upcoming Synodal declaration, like Half a Talent Is Better Than None.

  5. Archbishop is quoting Josef Ratzinger (AKA Pope Benedict XVI) Check out the full quote here http://wdtprs.com/blog/2012/03/the-church-will-become-small-and-will-have-to-start-afresh/
    Anyway, he is merely naming the obvious.

  6. If weekly collections decline, we hear that something must be done now, now, now! Isn't there some way to transfer that outlook to the care of souls?

  7. What is the source of this comment? Is there a full transcript for context purposes?

    1. If you mean the quote from Archbishop Listecki, it is followed by a link from the word "ArchMil" to the source.

      Specifically it's to his blog post on the Future of the Catholic Church, adapted from his July 22, 2014 "Love One Another" email.


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