BC OpEd: No Uterus, No Right?

The following is an op-ed submitted by Steve Janowiak

I just read an article about a young woman who got in the face of a young man because he was protesting abortion. She claimed that because he did not have a uterus he did not have a right to voice his thoughts on the matter of abortion.

My son had his 18th birthday this past year, and as all American men of that age do, he had to register with Selective Service. I remember doing the same thing during my 18th year, as did my father, and my father’s father. The Selective Service is that government entity which runs the draft. When America is threatened by force, it is the duty of every able American man to help defend that nation of which he is so blessed to call himself a citizen. It is every American man’s duty to put his life on the line, so that all his fellow countrymen (and women) can continue to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It has long been understood that the American soldier fights for the rights of all Americans, and we especially honor those soldiers who gave their lives fighting for our rights.

In World War II, approximately 60% of the American soldiers who served were drafted. That means 6 out of 10 of the graves you see here are filled with the bodies of men who were given a choice to join the military, or go to jail. Where was their right to their bodies?

Perhaps our Declaration of Independence does not go far enough when it simply says that our rights come from God; perhaps it was necessary to point out that our rights are an extension of those duties assigned by God. It’s quite simple really. You have a duty to use your free will to worship God, therefore you have a right to a freedom of worship. You have a duty to pay taxes, therefore you have a right to a say in how those taxes are spent, and so on.

Is it too difficult for pro-abortionistas to see that even though a man cannot get pregnant he still has a duty to put his life on the line to defend the rights of all Americans, male and female? It is an insult for a woman to tell a man he has no right to a voice in the discussion over rights, especially if he has a duty to die protecting those rights.

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  1. Interestingly, Lifenews has a follow up on the story that inspired this piece.


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