Bishops from WI, IL, IN gather at Mundelein for retreat

Abp. Listecki's weekly email:
There are certain moments in Sacred Scripture when Jesus separates Himself from the disciples and prays. This is a great example set by the Son of God, reminding us that everyone needs that special time with God in order to listen to what He wants from him or her in this life. Jesus was listening to the Father as the obedient Son.

The Church, in her wisdom, demands that all priests and bishops attend a yearly retreat – it’s a requirement of office. It’s meant to make sure that the individual doesn’t get so caught up in the doing of things that they forget the person (Jesus) for whom they are doing these things. A retreat sounds somewhat like surrender, but in the real sense, it’s a regrouping, marshalling the forces and regenerating energies so that all resources might be maximized for the best and most effective use possible.

Prayer is power. It acknowledges our relationship with God. It affirms His love for us and witnesses our love for Him. During the most difficult situations that we encounter, we are not alone. God is with us.

More than 25 bishops are gathering this week at the Cardinal Stritch retreat house in Mundelein, Ill. on retreat. We will be led by Milwaukeean Father James Kubicki, S.J., of the Apostleship of Prayer. Dedicated to promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Father Kubicki will challenge the hearts of the Bishops from Region VII (Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana). Scripture tells us: “If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts.” We will pray that God inspire us to do His will as leaders of His local Church.

I will be offering my prayers in particular for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and for you, the generous readers of this “Love One Another” (LOA). Please pray for me. May our prayers strengthen us in our resolve to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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