Bp. Callahan praises TV show "Blue Bloods"

I do confess to being a “Downton Abbey” fan—but more often than not I simply buy the season DVD and watch the episodes on my own time.

One program, however, that has caught my attention for several reasons—not the least of which being the fact that it has remained on the air for four seasons—is a program airing on Friday nights called “Blue Bloods.” The show is a crime-action drama centering around Tom Selleck, the Police Commissioner of New York, his two sons, both police officers for the NYPD, his daughter, who works in the District Attorney’s Office and their families. The drama unfolds in their Irish, “law and order” family whose values and lifestyles are unmistakably mixed up with their unabashed practice and knowledge of their Catholic faith. For that reason alone I’m surprised it made it four seasons! Mind you, this is not some faith driven messenger series; but rather portrays the faith being served very well, better than I have seen on network television in many a year.

This family struggles with issues—personal, familial, and civil. Priests, Sisters, and the Church, Herself, are presented in a positive and balanced way. Catholic teaching is often considered in the middle of some fairly difficult human dilemmas and pondered as a part of the resolution of conflicts. Most episodes conclude with the family gathered around the dining room table—saying the traditional meal prayer—and offering a very positive view of putting Catholic faith into daily action. The program shows saints and sinners, but it is nice to know that the producers seem to think we are part of the winning team.

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