Kaukauna parish hosts 3 day walking pilgrimage to Good Help Shrine Sept. 12-14

You often have news regarding the Our Lady of Good Help Shrine in Champion.   For the past 3 years our parish has done a 3 day walking pilgrimage to the shrine.  Our parish is Holy Cross, so we always do this on the closest weekend to the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, and the Feast of our Lady of Sorrows.   Currently we only have about 25 people walking, but everyone is invited from all different parishes.   But then on Sunday we have another 20 bikers, and 15 or so motorcyles.   Then about 50-60 come to the Mass.  Bishop Ricken will have the Mass for the Pilgrims September 14th at 4:00.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Fr. Tom Pomeroy
I made my Total Consecration at the Good Help Shrine on the "Feast" of Our Lady of Good Help (aka Queen of Wisconsin).  I'd love to join the walk but can't this year. 

... and yes, I'm eeeeasing back in to regular posting. 


  1. Back to regular posting - good. Badger Blog is it's own little Patheos with all the new bloggers.

    1. I always wanted to be an emperor of something. Now if Someone from Minnesota started a group blog... and then those two blogs allied to attack Iowa or Canada Catholics who spend too much time in their parents basements on the blogosphere, then we really would have something going.


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