Unilateral American military action, kumbaya

Toward the end of this article at The Boston Globe Explaining the Vatican’s surprising pro-US line on Iraq, John Allen notes,
"One core reason the Vatican opposed the two Gulf Wars, as well as any expansion of the conflict in Syria, was fear that the fall of a police state in the Middle East would lead to the rise of a radical Islamic theocracy in which Christians and other minorities would find themselves in the firing line.

That’s no longer a theoretical anxiety. It’s the lived reality of the new caliphate proclaimed by the Islamic State, which means that the Vatican and other Christian leaders are no longer so worried about the aftermath of a conflict. They’re much more preoccupied by the here and now, and thus more inclined to back anyone who seems prepared to do something about it."
Or, as he concludes, there
"would seem to be a de facto recognition that there are times – however rare, and however lamentable – when 'give peace a chance' may work as a fervorino, but as foreign policy it doesn’t quite do the trick."
P.S. Wiktionary explains:



fervorino m (plural fervorini)
2.talking-to, telling-off

Picking up the jargon must be one of the perks of a Church-related assignment in Rome, like the restaurants.

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