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From the Chancery

Lift High the Cross: Bp. Callahan reflects on suffering and the cross.  "Contemporary society has such a mixed relationship with suffering. As the secularism of our day gradually dehumanizes men and women, we see more mutilations and degradations of people in the arts and in real life."

Note: In 2014, they now have an actual blog!  Wordpress!  The website is still in painful disarray, (not to mention still using a theme literally from 2004 - you know, a decade ago.  Seriously, "view source"), but perhaps that is on a list somewhere.  

In The Catholic Times - La Crosse 

John Morales, co-founder and executive director of Pro-Life Champions, will give the keynote presentation at the Gospel of Life Celebration on Sept. 17 at Immaculate Conception Parish, Eau Claire. (no link)

Faculty and employees returning to Viterbo University campus for the start of school receive a first look at the newly renovated San Damiano Chapel on campus, Aug. 18. (no link) [This chapel has been one of the worst wreckovations perpetrated on the diocese.  I'll try to stop by and get some pics]

If this computer rendition is true to form, believe it or not it's actually a substantial improvement. 

This chapel originally looked like this:

A Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires (no link): Account of 1999 miracle in the presence of then Cardinal Bergoglio.  

Arcadia Polka Mass - Sept 7th
Menomonie Polka Mass - Sept 20th
Mondovi Polka Mass - Sept 21st

The Compass: Official observers of Synod of Bishops on family: Jeffrey and Alice Heinzen, respectively director of the Office for Marriage and Family Life and natural family planning coordinator for the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. 
Note: Jeff now left the office to take over as president of McDonell Area Catholic Schools (MACS) in Chippewa Falls.  Alice is a staunch opponent of the widely popular Creighton Model of family planning. 

Around the Parishes and Schools

Westby Times: Bp. Callahan is set to visit two Cashton parishes September 15th.  St. Mary's parish is the site that was previously the site of the ICKSP but now is diocesan run.  An update from the parish Facebook page from May:
Restoration / Renovation Update: Choir Loft renovation in progress. Rebuilt organ is expected to arrive in another two weeks.


  1. So are they turning the chapel "on its side?" Long-way to short-way? Was that ever done pre-VII? I don't think much of that "short and wide" nave

    1. The chapel is currently "on its side" so that doesn't change. In fact I think the current/previous model had the altar even more in the middle.

  2. Comment #1: It isn't "San Damiano Chapel"! It was consecrated as St. Wenceslaus Church (it used to be the Bohemian parish in La Crosse and my family's home parish). :( Last I heard Viterbo asked the Vatican for permission to change the name and was they did it anyway. If my information is out of date please inform me and I will happily apologize.

    Comment #2: Bishop Callahan will be arriving at 7:00 pm on Monday, September 15 for the dedication of the newly restored "Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church" on St. Mary's Ridge. Monday morning the new altar mensa will be installed. Consecratory crosses (Olive wood from the Holy Land) and candle sconces have already been installed. The organ is installed and has been in use for the past four weeks. There will be a dedicatory recital on Sunday, October 12 at 4:00 pm. All are invited to join us for either celebration!!! :)

  3. Your comment about Alice Heinzen is not entirely fair. She has been the NFP coordinator for the Diocese of La Crosse for many years. She is responsible for establishing an on-line NFP training course which has made it possible for many, many, many couples to be trained in NFP who live in the more rural areas of our diocese. It has also made it possible for pastors like me to require NFP training as part of couple's preparation for marriage. I don't know what Alice's opinion of Creighton model NFP is. I do know that she has been the primary advocate for NFP in this diocese for decades. Her success in this area and in advocacy for St. JPII's Theology of the Body and related teaching on marriage and family life is why most of us priests were thrilled that she was name to succeed her husband as director of that office.

  4. "This chapel originally looked like this:"

    Yes, there was time in living memory when Mass was often SRO.


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