C-SPAN features Good Help Shrine as part of 2014 Cities Tour

When the Green Bay area gets national media attention, it's normally because of meteorological conditions or a certain football team.

A film crew exploring the area this week in a brightly marked Ford van hopes to change that.

Titletown and neighboring communities will star next month in two shows as part of C-SPAN's 2014 Cities Tour. A show on CSPAN-2 will highlight an independent bookstore and nonfiction authors; a program on CSPAN-3 will focus on local historical events.

"Every city has its stories to tell," coordinating producer Debbie Lamb said. "We want to learn about what happened here, why it happened."

Viewers can expect to learn more about stories with which they are familiar, such as the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, and lesser-known tales like that of the "Lost Dauphin" referenced in a De Pere road name. Also on the agenda: a De Pere-area cheese factory, Green Bay's Hazlewood Historic House, the National Railroad Museum, Heritage Hill and the Neville Public Museum of Brown County.
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