Listecki Take 5: Listens to Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling; talks Common Core

What’s your favorite station to listen to when you’re driving?

Obviously, I do (WISN) 1130 (AM), (WTMJ) 620 (AM) because they’re very popular Milwaukee stations; Gene Mueller; Charlie Sykes; I’ll listen to Mark Belling; Jay Weber in the morning – they’re really kind of involved in a lot of the issues that involve Milwaukee.


How is Common Core going to affect our high schools?

That’s formed and fashioned by ourselves, by our school administrators and it’s our job always to be vigilant to make sure that whatever is being presented to our young people in high school always has both credibility and a sense of responsiveness to the Catholic identity and to Catholic teaching. So, we have to attempt to try to remove it, when in relationship to Catholic schools, from the politically charged environment that Common Core is found in.

It’d be like saying you have state standards, and you work for the church; it’s like saying that the church makes certain demands from you, but the state standards you ignore. Well, you’d say to me, ‘Well, I can’t ignore it because those are standards,’ but when our standards surpass that, then you kind of look at it and you say, ‘Oh yeah, sure, I understand these things,’ but the standards that we have and we maintain surpass those standards that are imposed by the state. And that’s pretty much what our Catholic education is – what we have in terms of curriculum and standards have surpassed that.

We’ve demonstrated it by the number of young people that go to college and become successful coming out of grade schools and into high schools and continue to do that, but you always want to make sure that you pay attention to state standards so we can never be accused of being in isolation. [The Thesis]

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  1. "so we can never be accused of being in isolation."

    Sounds like giving in to peer pressure.

    1. Hopefully there are some things he is willing to be "accused" of, heck even found guilty of.


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