Members of congregations to play greater role in Catholic churches

Annysa Johnson reports on the Milwaukee Archdiocesan Synod Declaration in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
"The declaration envisions a local church in which a growing number of Catholics return to weekly Mass and the Eucharist. They would go to confession regularly; enroll their children in Catholic schools; encourage them to become priests, nuns and lay leaders; and reconnect with ancient devotional practices, such as praying the rosary and Eucharistic adoration. The driving force for it all would be local parishes."
"Such evangelization is a major focus of the declaration, along with enhancing Catholic identity and stewardship.

"To further those goals, the church would:

"Place a renewed emphasis on Mass and devotions, and develop instructional materials that explain their structure, symbolism and purpose.

"Embrace the church's cultural diversity by encouraging parishes to collaborate across racial and ethnic divides, as well as by studying and addressing the pastoral needs of the archdiocese's Latino, African-American and Asian-Pacific communities.

"Bolster service opportunities that promote Catholic social teaching on care for the poor and marginalized.

"Provide training across the archdiocese — in parishes, schools and homes — on how to teach and form Catholics in their faith.

"Expand pastoral programs and resources for couples and families, 'especially troubled marriages, single-parent families, those who've experienced divorce, families with mixed religious traditions, and couples dealing with infertility.'"
For comparison, here are "the Top Seven Recommendations...from Synod 1987".
1. Promote proper stewardship of time, talent, and treasure
2. Provide for parish lifelong Christian formation
3. Meet the educational and spiritual needs of families and individuals
4. Develop a sense of community through small group experience
5. Acknowledge and respond to racism
6. Promote quality preaching
7. Plan and develop a process to train parish lay ministers


  1. so a greater focus on Mass and the devotionals... that is the difference? How much did the diocese spend on the synod again?

    1. If you mean spend in money, compared to the cost of the bankruptcy, it's probably like a rounding error.

      If you mean spend in time, having participated in prior Archdiocese-wide parish and school planning, I estimate the time wasted as well over 100%. But that takes into account opportunity costs and my different understanding of "priority".

    2. I forgot to mention Terry, that I literally spit out my water laughing at your comment.

  2. Yawn. We needed a Synod for THIS?

  3. Yada ...Yada...Yada...more "lay ministry" (whatever that is?)...more small groups....liflong Christian formation......have they heard of EWTN? The Internet?


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