Oremus MKE - prayer for peace

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Thought folks in Wisconsin might find this interesting....a group of folks are doing something done in Europe and Chicago etc... (in Chicago and Germany it was called Night Fever). We are calling it 'OremusMKE'. We are opening up churches on Saturday night from 9:00pm - 12:00am in urban areas with a dwindling Catholic presence and inviting people to come and pray for peace (as an invitation that no one can disagree with and a very Catholic prayer as well) in the Church, to light a candle and place it before the Altar, on which our Lord is exposed in the Blessed Sacrament. There are priest available for confession or just to talk, there are volunteers to answer questions, and even food outside. Inside the organ is playing. It is entirely run by volunteers, mostly young adults, from the city. Our first event was at St. Hedwigs on Brady Street, and our second event is this Saturday the 25th[of July, I know! I'm getting caught up on some email!] at St. Mary of Czestochowa in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee. The next event coincides with the Riverwest24, a huge bike race in the city. Here is a blog link about the event from a couple weeks ago.


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