Reader looking for feedback on Catholic scene in La Crosse

I reply to these often enough.  I thought I'd let others chime in in the comments to give some feedback.

From a reader:

I came upon your blog doing a google search.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are considering moving to La Crosse, WI from Nebraska. They are faithful Catholics with four small children.

Could you provide any information about the Catholic Church in the area? What is the Catholic community like? What are the Catholic Schools like? How is the diocese? They would just love to know what the Catholic climate and culture is like in the area (and I'm curious, too :))
I appreciate any help on this as I unbury from email.  Constructive anonymous comments welcome.

On her good days, she looks like this.

Side note, disappointed to see Bp. Morlino cannot make it to Knights of Divine Mercy in the Madison area Friday but I will be attending.  I've got to get video of the benediction this time.


  1. Probably better off staying in Nebraska....

  2. Perhaps not as good as Lincoln, but not terrible either. Better weather up here, than uni-season with no snow for Christmas just wont cut it :)

  3. ... I am curious as well.... Would be great if anyone could comment.


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