Abp. Listecki shuts down Hubertus Catholic School haunted house

HUBERTUS - This is likely the last year for the haunted house in Hubertus. For 31 years, St. Gabriel's Catholic School has used an old farm house on church property to bring Halloween fun to families. It generally raises about $70-thousand a year.  [... the haunted house raises $70,000!?!]

"I'm sad. I've only been involved with it for five years, but there's people who've been involved for 10, 15 years and you do get attached," said Bernie Sidor, parent.

A parish statement says,"The Archdiocese raised concerns about the haunted house's depiction of circumstances or situations that did not seem to align with the joy of the gospel."

Parents fear tuition at St. Gabriel's will go up without this major fundraiser.
In addition to praying for a change of heart, volunteers are also inviting Archbishop Listecki to come out here and experience this for himself.
WTMJ ( with uh, video)

As you know, I'm not a puritan when it comes to ghouls and goblins.  That said, I know that Holy Hill has had significant problems with the actual occult in that area in recent memory.


  1. Haunted houses can indeed do some big business this time of year. I wonder if there was something over the top happening that he heard about.

  2. Any links to the holy hill stuff?

  3. just google "Holy Hill vandalized". It was vandalized with satanic symbols back in 2006.


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