Cdl. Burke: “I did not state that Pope Francis has harmed the Church."

Liberals want Cardinal Burke to the "fall guy."  If they can kill his reputation, they can kill his theological and canonical positions.  Obviously that is really what all this is about.

Quoting Cardinal Burke:
I did not state that Pope Francis has harmed the Church. Rather, as the now published verbatim interview reveals, I was perfectly clear that it was a lack of clarity about where the Holy Father stands on issues related to marriage and Holy Communion that had caused the harm. It is precisely for this reason that I subsequently said that only a statement from the Holy Father himself could now remove this lack of clarity.”

“Sadly, confusion, such as that generated by this particular interview, has been used to portray those opposed to Cardinal Kasper’s thesis as motivated by a personal animus against the Holy Father. This is just not the case, though it no doubt helps the cause of those with certain ideological axes to grind to make this appear so." 
details at Father Z 

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