Cdl Burke: Relatio causes parents to ask "“Why are we trying so hard to encourage our sons and daughters to live the Gospel?"

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UPDATE 16 Oct: 1454 GMT
Apparently, Card. Pell was the first one to rise up against Card. Baldisseri. When Baldisseri made the announcement, Card. Pell took the floor and said that the reports had to be published and that they were tired of the manipulation.

From that point, the bishops also rose up. When Baldisseri repeated his position, he was effectively shouted down.

At that point, Card. Baldisseri turned to the Pope and got the nod to publish.

UPDATE 16 Oct: 1530 GMT:
The reports of the Circuli Minores are available on the Vatican website. HERE

Card. Burke’s would be in Anglicus A. Sample:

For example, where the Relatio appeared to be suggesting that sex outside of marriage may be permissible, or that cohabitation may be permissible, we have attempted to show why such lifestyles do not lead to human fulfillment. At the same time, we want to acknowledge that there are seeds of truth and goodness found in the persons involved, and through dedicated pastoral care these can be appreciated and developed. We believe that if we imply that certain life-styles are acceptable, then concerned and worried parents could very easily say “Why are we trying so hard to encourage our sons and daughters to live the Gospel and embrace Church teaching?”


  1. I've read Relatio; I don't get the sensationalism surrounding this document. Reading it, it sounded like the advice of meeting people where they're at while maintaining fidelity to the Gospel; thereby assisting them in their journey. Jesus consorted with prostitutes and tax collectors; I don't think this a revolutionary or new idea in Catholicism.

  2. Whatever the divides, and despite the sensationalism, I do not see an abandonment of the Gospel or Natural Law, only brainstorming on how to imitate Christ in welcoming/inviting lost sheep, sinners or prodigal sons and daughters.

    I think what is being overlooked in all the media blathering is that this pope has allowed a true discussion without fear of recrimination or of offending "the powers that be". Brainstorming is messy - brainstorming is not conclusive. I think we should do what the saints teach us, be still and trust in God. The Church is still the Church, while filled with sinners it remains alive with the Holy Spirit, filled with defenders of the faith and is being overseen with a Pope who understands good, evil, the works of Mercy the temptations of the Devil (don't forget about his pronouncements on gay marriage as the seed of the Father of Lies back in Argentina) and the need to reach out to those who are wayward for the sake of their salvation and our own.


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