Monks of Norcia: "Many people were so glad that he came to show his support!"

The March for Life in Rome
by Br. John McKenzie, O.S.B.

This year’s March for Life here in Rome was a bit unique. There were a host of conferences during the  weekend beginning on May 3rd and ending with the March itself, on May 4th. The March began  around 9am at the Piazza della Reppublica and it ended at St. Peter’s Square just in time for the Sunday  Regina Caeli and blessing of Pope Francis.

I arrived after attending a Mass celebrated by a good priest friend. I was immediately greeted by many of our lay Italian friends, many of whom are young  married couples with children or are engaged to be married soon. It was great to see them and experience their enthusiasm with regards to right-to-life issues in Italy.  During the March I also was able to greet His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke.  Many people were so glad that he came to show his support!

Reflecting on the march, one word comes to mind: beauty. There is something quite beautiful about the right-to-life of every human being that one only needs to take a step back and contemplate for a few moments.
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