PostCrescent: Green Bay Diocese working to serve growing Hispanic community

Photo: Sam Lucero, The Compass
Churches in the Fox Valley are working to meet the needs of Mexican immigrants, the driving force behind the state's dramatic demographic shift.

The number of minorities in Wisconsin will nearly triple over the next half century and no other population sector will grow faster than Hispanics, according to a recent report by the USA Today Network, which includes Post-Crescent Media.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay is among those trying to serve the Hispanic population, but more Spanish speakers are needed among its pastoral leadership to make that happen, said Mark Mogilka, the diocese's director of stewardship and pastoral services.

"That's our biggest challenge, coming up with bilingual and bi-cultural priests and ministers," Mogilka said. "All of our seminarians for the last probably 10 years are required to study Spanish."
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  1. This is all fine, I just wish the natives would work at increasing the birth rate. The 1.2 births per family is not doing anything. It would be nice for the priests...and deacons and preach more on the beauty of large or larger families.


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