The Three Organists

“It’s just a great joy to see these young people stepping forward and to see Catholic youth in action.”

Those are the words of Fr. Monte Robinson, the proud pastor of the Congregation of St. Mary/St. Paul Parish in Mineral Point and St. Philomena Parish in Belmont.

The two linked parishes have quite a blessing -- a new generation of organists -- all in their teens.

They are 17-year-old Caleb Mitchell in Mineral Point along with 14-year-old Kassandra Palzkill and 13-year-old Dominic Mailloux in Belmont.

“We’re very grateful that these young people are doing this, and they’re very accomplished for their age,” said Father Robinson. “I’m just very proud of every one of them.”
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  1. Let's hope and pray deeply in our hearts that these young church musicians are rejecting the Schutte, Haugen, Haas crap that we've been forced to endure these past decades. Our musical heritage as Catholics is vast and glorious...and totally rejected by our pastoral over-lords.



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