Across ArchMil - week of October 27th

From the Chancery

The Exorcist, Living Our Faith Radio, YouTube. "Just in time for the most mystifying time of year, Halloween, Archbishop Listecki & Jeff Jackson sit down with the official archdiocesan exorcist. It's a show that shines a bright Light on one of the Church's darkest subjects."

Keep Moving, Catholic ID, YouTube

Career Tools Conference, Living Our Faith Radio, YouTube. "Finding a job in today's marketplace can be challenging--especially for those who have been unemployed or underemployed for an extended period of time. Learn how the archdiocese is following Catholic Social Teaching, by sharing valuable job search tools with our brothers & sisters in southeastern Wisconsin."

In the Milwaukee Catholic Herald

Spiritualities require ascents, descents, In Exile column by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "Whatever the name, all spiritualities worthy of the name will, at some time in your life, invite you to make a painful descent into the frightening underworld of chaos, depression, loss, insignificance, darkness, satanic forces, and death itself."

Find support through community by Tracy Rusch, From the Editor column attributed in print to Maryangela Layman Roman. "Finally, in our last issue of Catholic Herald Family, Fr. John Yockey, in a guest opinion, set off a firestorm of reaction among the homeschooling community. His piece, 'Parents, it’s 11 p.m. Do you know what your kids are doing?' opened with his skepticism about homeschooling.
"Numerous homeschooling backers responded to his concerns. Space prevented us from running those responses this issue, but look for that discussion in December."

Around the Parishes and Schools

Morality dictates Hubertus haunted house's closing, bishop says, by Colleen Jurkiewicz, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "'Last year they [St. Gabriel School] had a video on YouTube advertising the haunted house that had filmed scenes from the parish cemetery, of a young woman being chased by a murderer,' he [Bishop Donald Hying] said. 'It also included decapitation and cannibalism in this film. Obviously, it’s the antithesis of Catholic values. They took down the video, but only because we (the archdiocese) told them to.'" (If the Archdiocese has to say 'Go and sin no more', then it's too late?)

At No Spin Homilies, Father Dan Volkert's for The Feast of All Souls

Lay Organizations

At Casa Maria Catholic Worker. "Casa Maria joining the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice's drone protest outside Camp William's in Northern Wisconsin where US Military personnel are trained to drive drones." (see Volk Field)

October 2014 newsletter, Catholics for Peace and Justice.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court (E.D. Wis.)

'Time to apply the law,' bankruptcy judge tells attorneys, by Maryangela Layman Roman, Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "[Abuse claimants' attorney Jeffrey] Anderson estimated that the archdiocese has paid nearly $18 million in legal fees thus far and to have the costs of litigating the 11 claims 'just depletes (the estate) without any good coming from it or any clarity toward confirmation.'" (I calculate that fee total to average about $12,850 a day for the over 1,400 days since the bankruptcy filing.)

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