Bp. Christensen(Superior) named new bishop of the Diocese of Boise, Idaho

Big hat tip to Brian Schweiss:
This morning, Pope Francis has named Bishop Peter Christensen of the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Boise, Idaho (the entire state of Idaho). The Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, is now vacant.
From the Diocese of Boise:
This morning in Rome Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Michael Driscoll and appointed Bishop Peter Christensen as the eighth Bishop of Boise.

Come back to the website for more information and the live stream press conference at 9:30am. 

Updated statement; Boise Diocese:
BOISE — Pope Francis announced at the Vatican today that he had accepted the resignation of Bishop Michael P. Driscoll, Seventh Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, and named Bishop Peter F. Christensen, of the Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin, as Eighth Bishop of Boise.

“I would like to thank the Holy Father Pope Francis, Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano and all who made possible this opportunity to serve the church in Idaho. I am humbled by the Holy Father’s confidence in me, and pray that I may be worthy of his trust,” Bishop Christensen said at a press conference Nov. 4 at the Diocesan Pastoral Center.

“This is a wonderful and diverse state with beautiful mountains and prairies, deserts, rivers and green valleys. Yet nothing reveals the love of God for this community more than the good works and faithfulness of his people. I look forward to seeing the beauty of creation through the holiness and love of Idaho Catholics, and hope that you see God’s love reflected in me in the same way.”

Bishop Driscoll, who submitted his letter of resignation to the pope on Aug. 8, 2014, when he turned 75 years old, applauded the pope’s choice for Idaho’s new bishop.

“I am thrilled with the selection of Bishop Christensen as the next Bishop of Boise. He is a man of energy and prayer and love for the church, and will find in Idaho a community of committed and faithful Catholics willing to serve and follow him in the years ahead. I am also very grateful to Pope Francis for granting my request for retirement,” Bishop Driscoll said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time serving the people and the Catholic Church of Idaho.”

Bishop Christensen will be installed as Bishop of Boise at a Mass Dec. 17 in St. John Cathedral.

Bishop Driscoll will continue to oversee the daily governance of the diocese until Bishop Christensen is installed.
Updated: letter from Bp. Christensen to the people of the Superior Diocese
Dear Fathers, Parish Life Coordinators, Parish Directors and Deacons,

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that I have been appointed the next Bishop of Boise, Idaho. The sadness, obviously, comes with having to say so long to you and the wonderful Catholics of the Diocese of Superior. I want you to know how much I have appreciated the opportunity to serve with you in this Diocese. You have offered me a sense of belonging and a home that I would not have thought possible prior to being assigned here. Now the joy comes in knowing our Lord has other plans for me, and I trust in time I will feel that same belonging and sense of home that I felt with you.

Thank you for educating me in what it means to be a Bishop. I will carry your blessings on to Idaho. The date of my Installation is set for December 17 with a Vesper Service the evening prior. Please know that you are welcome, but I understand if you are unable to make it.

Please pray for my successor and your next Bishop. I trust the Lord will be good to you. Pray for me as well, especially that I have an understanding heart. i will be in touch hopefully to say goodbye to you personally sometime within the next month.

As I remain sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Peter F. Christensen
Bishop of Superior

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  1. He's a good man.

    Now - what if Fr. Z is made bishop of Superior?!

    1. Doesn't he have to be made monsignor first? LOL

    2. No - he doesn't need to be made monsignor first. Fr Avery Dulles was one of those few who was named Cardinal and was not a bishop then.

      Heaven help us that Fr Z is never named Bishop!

  2. My comment (Anonymous) was edited to favor Fr Z. I actually said, "Heaven help us if Fr Z is ever named bishop."

  3. We are VERY BLESSED to have Bishop Peter come to Boise!


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