Fanatic Friday: Ode Of A Cardinal edition

Was there life before The Avetts and Ravenous Attack Dogs?

song by Charles Albert Tindley circ. 1906

PS. Sorry, as of scheduling this post The Avetts have yet to be ousted from Fanatic Friday proliferation.

PPS. True conversation
Wife: "I don't hate them, they are just a little overrated in this house."
Me: "False."
Wife: "Isn't there anything else you listen to lately?"
Me: "No.  Why do you hate my Avetts?  Have you ever even listened to one of their songs?"
Wife: "No, because they are so boring that I fall asleep halfway through the song."

She said I should have posted the Frank Kaminsky dance video....

For the record, I think I have perhaps posted just as many Weird Al videos.  Hmm, okay, here's the deal.  Vote "Like" for this beautiful Protestant Folk Hymn by Seth Avett OR vote "Time for a Drink" to vote for my wife's selection of Frank the Tank dancing to Taylor Swift.  If my wife wins, I will cede control over Fanatic Friday to her.  If I win, I promise to continue my campaign of Avetting us to death until another fixation takes me.

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