Follow up on Bp. Morlino Platteville talk

So we've had a bunch of comments on last week's post: Reporter and nine protesters force Bp. Morlino talk at UW-Platteville to change location.

It seems people took issue specifically with the request for a reporter to not take photos is unreasonable.  Also, the comments seem to indicate that the reporter was not "in on it" with the protesters, but refused to comply simply because he thought it was within his rights to be there.  For most reading, it probably seemed like the reporter was just being belligerent, but the commenters seem to indicate he was unaware of the situation, and was not just trying to impose his will over the event.

I think to understand why a bishop would make such a request, here's a though.   Archbishop Léonard of Belgium has been attacked multiple times at public events - and always when the press is present to photograph.  The whole point of making a stink is to make sure everybody knows about it.

So I don't think Bp. Morlino's request to not have photos is unreasonable.  I'm not saying the Platteville protesters would attack the bishop, only that there's no point in protesting a message without press coverage.  The point of the visit was to speak on the topic stated, not to address a decision from four years ago on which priest is appointed where.  Does Bp. Morlino really need to re-address the whole situation just to give a talk to some students?

And for anyone not familiar with Platteville folks grievances, here's the letter Bp. Morlino wrote to the opposition four years ago.  It appears those protesters still want a different priest, one they elect I guess, or the priest that was there previously maybe, I'm not sure.

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  1. I'm disappointed in your conclusion/article here.


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