"Pope Francis Habitat House" construction begins in Milwaukee

"Pope Francis Habitat House" in Milwaukee
On Sept. 15, Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki spoke at a press conference to offer his support to a third Pope Francis Habitat House currently under construction by Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity in Milwaukee's Washington Park neighborhood. More than 100 community volunteers came together that day to begin framing five new Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity houses, including the one being built in honor of Pope Francis. The Pope Francis home will be sold to the family of Erskine Jude.

"Habitat for Humanity helps families secure home ownership -- regardless of faith," Listecki said in a statement. "They bring people together to build homes with strangers and for strangers, with their own hands. Then, strangers become friends and friends become neighbors. What a great sense of community, pride and ownership. I truly believe this is a great opportunity for us to live the mission of Christ."
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From Milwaukee's Habitat for Humanity:
On Monday, September 15, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity began construction of a new house that is being built in honor of Pope Francis. Milwaukee is one of three Habitat for Humanity affiliates nationwide chosen by an anonymous donor to receive sponsorship for a Pope Francis house.

The donor has been inspired by the Pope’s dedication to economic justice, equality and peace, and hopes to inspire others by inviting volunteers from local Catholic churches and schools to participate in the construction of the home from start to finish.

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