John McAdams(Marquette Warrior) SUSPENDED by Marquette University while under "Investigation"

It created more controversy than any blog other post we have done: an account of a Philosophy instructor at Marquette who told a student that gay marriage could not be discussed in her class since any opposition would be “homophobic” and would “offend” any gay students in the class. Not only did the story echo among Catholic outlets and sites dedicated to free speech on campus, but it created considerable blow back among leftist academics, who pretty much demanded our head on a pike.

Today we got an e-mail from Dean Richard Holz:

Dear John:

The university is continuing to review your conduct and during this period--and until further notice--you are relieved of all teaching duties and all other faculty activities, [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] including, but not limited to, advising, committee work, faculty meetings and any activity that would involve your interaction with Marquette students, faculty and staff. 
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I encourage you to send Dr. McAdams your support for his thankless effort to at least make Marquette University open to discuss the possibility that Catholic teaching may in fact be true.

Should we assume the graduate student who was teaching a credited Philosophy course at Marquette University and contradicting basic tenants of natural law, teaching embraced by many faith traditions, is also under investigation?  After all, the foundation of natural law certainly falls under the realm of philosophy.


Update: JS: Marquette's John McAdams suspended after criticizing TA on gay marriage discussion
Update2: Marquette’s Suspension of Marquette Warrior Violated Marquette’s Own Rules


Anonymous said...

St. Joan of Arc, pray for them all.

Terrence Berres said...

As I've previously recounted, long ago in freshman Theology at Marquette U. our professor periodically dropped as an aside that a member of the faculty had 'proved the Holy Spirit does not exist.'

I've since wondered what MU might accomplish if it held the tenets of Christianity with the fervor of whatever belief system it does hold and which McAdams has transgressed.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Professor McAdams mischaracterized what happened in class and/or the conversation after class? In a manner remarkably unlike our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the good professor launched into ad hominem attacks on people with whom he disagrees. Do we really want to silence those with whom we disagree by whipping up the wing nuts to threats of violence? Has he no decency?

Badger Catholic said...

Which facts have been mischaracterized?

How did he take action to "whip up the wing nuts to threats of violence?"

Terrence Berres said...

And could you specify his 'ad hominem attacks'? (Just copying and pasting into your response should suffice.)

Dad29 said...

C'mon, B.C. and Terrence: "Anony" writes in irony, not in earnest.


Or has there been violence at MU over this? If so, why has it not been reported?

Anonymous said...

WE are the counterculture today, the counter to a culture that caused 57,000,000 abortions since 1973, sprees of homicide, drug epidemics, and broken families. I am proud to say that I am counterculture, counter to a culture of rot. Are they proud of the "great accomplishments" of their counterculture? They must be presented with the facts and questioned about each.

Terrence Berres said...

If it was a parody of Joseph N. Welch, then LOL.