JS: Wis native Cdl Raymond Burke calls for 'new evangelization' at Trinity Academy fundraiser

Pewaukee — Catholic education, in the family and in schools, is essential to the transformation of culture and a bulwark against today's increasingly secular society, Wisconsin native Cardinal Raymond Burke told hundreds of Catholics who gathered Thursday for a fundraising dinner in Waukesha County.

And he called on Catholics to embark on a "new evangelization" that stressed the common good.

"Without the recognition of the common good ... society breaks down and is soon beset by the violence and destruction," said Burke, who drew repeated standing ovations from the crowd of nearly 300.

A theological conservative who has been critical of what some perceive as the progressive leanings of Pope Francis, Burke said Catholics must resist the secular culture's "grievous attacks" on marriage and family, the "aggressive homosexual agenda" and attacks on the innocent unborn.

"The Christian life, if lived with integrity today, is necessarily countercultural," Burke said.

Burke spoke at a $100-a-plate fundraiser for Trinity Academy, a traditional Catholic school in Pewaukee founded and operated by Susan and Robin Mitchell, who are longtime friends and supporters of the cardinal. The dinner was part of a two-day visit that included a tour of the school and Mass for students and faculty.

A Friday Mass will be open to the broader community and is expected to draw, among others, a recent high-profile convert to Catholicism, U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner.  [Is the Mass at a parish somewhere?]

Many gathered at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee to see Burke, who serves as an adviser to Trinity. Dozens waited in line for him to sign copies of his new book, "Remaining in the Truth of Christ," which is a collaboration with four other conservative cardinals.

They greeted him reverentially, many calling him "your eminence" or bowing to kiss his ring. One woman asked him to bless a holy medal and was overcome with emotion as she walked away.

"He is such a beautiful person. Just to be in the same room with him is a blessing," said Lucia Roman of Sussex.
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For the record, greeting His Eminence as such is due to the fact his name is Raymond Burke.  Those of us more traditional who care about etiquette call all our bishops "Your Excellency" and all cardinals "Your Eminence."  And we would kiss the rings and bishops including Cardinal Wuerl or Archbishop Cupich the same (maybe they'd recoil in terror, I'm not sure).  The greeting is for the office, not the person per se.  Like greeting the POTUS as Mr. President or a judge as Your Honor.    

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