MkeCH: Cdl Burke visits Trinity Academy, talks formation of “true, great Christians”

Christians today find themselves in a secularized society, warned Cardinal Raymond L. Burke in a keynote address to about 300 people Thursday, Dec. 4, at the Country Springs Hotel. Even more alarming, according to the cardinal, is how deeply the secularization has entered into the life of the

Cardinal Burke, a Wisconsin native and contributor to the Synod of Bishops held at the Vatican, Oct. 5 to 19, discussed “Education: Irreplaceable Way of Cultural Transformation,” at a fundraiser for Trinity Academy, a K4-12 independent Catholic school that stresses tradition in academics and the church.

The response to the increasing secularization of the church and society, according to Cardinal Burke, lies in education that has begun in the home and is furthered through Catholic schooling.

“Education which takes place first in the home and is enriched and supplemented by truly Catholic schools is directed fundamentally to the formation of good citizens and good members of the church,” he said, referring to Pope Pius XI who spoke of the formation of “true, great Christians.”
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