Photos from the Segrada Familia Basilica #2

Earlier this week, I posted photos from a pilgrimage to the Segrada Familia Basilica this past summer. Here are shots of the church's interior.

The ceiling is truly remarkable to behold.

The Crucifix is definitely interesting. Our group was divided on its beauty. Overall, I like the portrayal of Christ hanging in agony.

The columns are designed to resemble palm trees extended toward Heaven.

Another shot of the ceiling

The unique stained glass windows create glorious natural lighting unlike anything I've ever seen.

It's quite difficult to describe how tall this church is!

Natural light, stained glass windows and a great deal of intricacy contribute to the unique feel.

A larger-than-life spiral staircase

I couldn't get enough of the windows.
Architect Antoni Guadi's cause is being pursued for beatification. His tomb is located in the basilica. 


Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures, Steve. Nice work! Thanks for sharing them with us. I love Sagrada Familia!

Anonymous said...

Careful; SF is like a gateway drug; pretty soon one might find themselves liking other modern religious buildings! ;)