4 Reasons the 20-week abortion ban is deeply flawed

As pro-lifers, it only makes sense that we want our lawmakers to introduce and pass pro-life legislation. But when that legislation is deeply flawed and actually undermining some of the core principles we are fighting for, there is a serious problem.

Sadly, the 20-week abortion ban (H.R. 36) being voted on by the House of Representatives tomorrow, January 22, is just such a flawed bill. Pro-life lawyer Gualberto Garcia Jones gives 4 big reasons why this bill needs some serious modifications.

1. The bill is a prime example of pro-life legislation that makes pro-lifers complicit with the crime of abortion.

The operative section of the bill is titled “requirements for abortion.” In that section, the bill lays out the procedures that have to be followed in order to legally murder a child in the womb.

To illustrate the moral recklessness involved in this bill, imagine if we substituted abortion with the morally equivalent crime of infanticide. No matter how bad the status quo were, can you imagine advocating a bill that contained a section entitled “requirements for infanticide”?
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