Chicago March for Life- Ground Zero

This past weekend, I had the privilege to join thousands (unless you read the Chicago Sun- Times) of others in marching for the dignity of life in the face of the terrible Roe v. Wade decision and the toll its aftermath has placed on our society in the United States.  This particular march was especially edifying as the abortion statistics are heart-wrenching in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, yet it also remains a proud place of witness against the slaughter of the innocents as many wonderful pro-life organizations, legal teams, and faithful warriors for justice reside in the area and work passionately to change our nation's Culture of Death.

I also received the extra perk of being able to walk the streets of my favorite city in the United States.  However, as this is the Badger Catholic blog I will make sure that my focus remains on the witness of those from above the border!

It was a powerful experience for me to see the broad contingent that headed south for the rally and march, especially when they knew they were going to miss most or all of the Packer's NFC Championship Game.  This in itself, particularly in the volume of those "selfish" young adults who were there, was a shining star and testament to true CheeseHead faith and priorities.  Some of us may cringe a bit when we see the flood of  Packer jerseys at Sunday Mass, but when it really comes down to it, the Faith is clearly alive in Wisconsin.

Ok, on to the pictures!

Behind the Scenes at St. John Cantius
 as their "Crusaders for Life" prepare for the rally
The altar at St. John Cantius, prepared for Mass.
  The parish was filled with pilgrims for the march
On the ceiling at St .John Cantius
At the beginning of the rally at Federal Plaza downtown
Archbishop Cupich speaking to the crowd
Pro-Life Wisconsin proudly in the middle of it all!
Thousands heading north on Dearborn
 towards the Illinois State offices
The close of the march at the Thompson Center. 
It's probably hard to see, but I was
 particularly struck by this little one
(who also happens to be my beautiful daughter),
decked all in pink, carrying a sign
 provided by "Feminists for Life"