Cream City Catholic Interview with Bishp Hying

As most are now aware, on November 24, Pope Francis appointed Milwaukee Auxiliary Bishop Donald Hying to shepherd the Diocese of Gary, Indiana. A Milwaukee native, he recently took a little time to answer some questions from Cream City Catholic about the path ahead.

What has your life been like since Pope Francis tapped you to lead the Diocese of Gary?

Life has been busy since my appointment to Gary was announced. The highlights include a press conference and meeting with the priests and employees of Gary, packing and moving all my stuff, farewell events here in Milwaukee, getting ready for Christmas, planning the installation and trying to pray in the middle of all of it.

What particular challenges and opportunities await you there?

Like most dioceses, Gary is a combination of urban, suburban and rural communities. There is a great racial and economic diversity there. Like all dioceses, we can use more priests, religious and lay people to be involved in the Church. The opportunity is to serve and spend myself with this beautiful and lively local Church. I look forward to knowing and loving the people.
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