How Long Does Christmas Last?

This Spiritual Reflection was posted by Fr. Frank Majka, S.J., at his personal blog, The Bridge, and comes via Marquette University High School, where he currently serves as Mission Associate.

He concludes,

"So, our prayerful reflection on the truths of Christmas can certainly continue long after the season is officially over. Some of us may even want to be reminded of Christmas all during the year. And, after all, nothing says the manger scene can’t stay up all the time, complete with Mary and Joseph, shepherds, the magi, the angels and even the animals, for Christmas will always be a permanent and central part of the Christian faith."
And, I'm thinking, we could add statues or other images of the saints throughout the year, until we replace it all with the Advent wreath, and start over.

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Anonymous said...

We take our decorations down after the Feast of the Presentation on February 2 each year. Christmas is a holy festival worth celebrating a long time. DJR