Howard Parish invites inactive Catholics to return 'home'

Jackie Amschler can't stay away.

From attending morning Mass to ministry work to singing in a choir to other volunteer duties, Amschler spends a portion of almost every day at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Howard.

"She's at church more than she's at home now," Randy Amschler proclaimed good-naturedly about his wife.

A decade ago, having anything to do with church, including merely attending a weekend Mass, was off-limits for Jackie. After many years of religious devotion to her hometown church in which she was raised, Amschler drifted to the congregation of non-practicing Catholics.

Her story of breaking off from the Church and later returning to it in a busy period of self-fulfillment will be told in a new program hosted by St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

Starting next week, "Catholics Returning Home" will be held on Monday night for six straight weeks until mid-February. Inactive Catholics who may have interest in reconnecting with the Church are invited to attend the free series, which will have a different topic each week.
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