La Crosse priest pleads no contest in Wausau massage case, denies wrongdoing

Monsignor Bernard McGarty was convicted of disorderly conduct this week but denies the underlying allegations of indecent conduct with a massage therapist.

“I totally deny (it),” McGarty said Thursday.

The 89-year-old retired priest pleaded no contest Monday in Wausau Municipal Court and paid a $250 fine for the non-criminal citation.

McGarty was not arrested but was issued a $250 ticket for lifting the covering off of his groin during a massage and asking the masseuse to rub his genitals. The massage therapist refused and left the room, she told Wausau police. McGarty also called her a derogatory name, she told police.

“I categorically deny saying anything inappropriate to the masseuse,” McGarty said. “The statement by the policeman is a total fabrication and it is the biggest piece of fiction since ‘Gone With the Wind.’
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In his defense, he's lost it.

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