Milwaukee Archdiocese wins latest dispute in bankruptcy over sex abuse

"I'm denying the motion," [Judge] Kelley told attorneys for five abuse survivors.

"I'm sorry," Kelley said, "but I have to weigh what I think is the fairness... and the rights of these people."
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Anonymous said...

I am a survivor/victim of sexual abuse beginning when I was 12 years old. From the age of 5 onwards I wanted to grow up to be nothing other than a priest; this fact made me particularly vulnerable to the insidious grooming not only of me but also of my parents, siblings and the pastor and sisters.

In 2002 I came forward and the priest was removed from ministry; in the ensuing days and weeks others of his victims came forward. He has since died.

Nearly two years ago a victim of another priest of the same diocese won a suit and the judge required to publish all priest abuser files in entirety.

Were my rights and dignity protected by that court? No. Proper names were blotted but not dates and places. I felt that the purpose of the court order had nothing to do with us victims.

Perhaps I should offer to speak up on behalf of dioceses in similar litigation.

The Catholic Church did not harm me. My parents and I are the Catholic Church. The priest perpretator harmed me,as well as some of his formators and superior. The Church does not harm people; the Church is the Blessed Trinity Which includes Christ and the rest of His Body.

I am a Catholic priest.
May Christ and the Immaculate Heart of His Mother and ours triumph.