NCReg: Was Marquette Professor Disciplined for Upholding Church Teachings?

MILWAUKEE — Marquette University Professor John McAdams’ political science courses have been eliminated from the upcoming spring semester, and he is not allowed to be on campus.

The matter has attracted national interest, with critics of the Catholic university contending that McAdams is being punished for his willingness to uphold Church teachings about the definition of marriage.

McAdams believes the Wisconsin-based Jesuit university has “suspended” him for criticizing a Marquette ethics professor who told a student earlier this year that his position against same-sex “marriage” could be considered offensive to homosexuals in her class.

On Nov. 9, McAdams critiqued the ethics professor on his blog, which led to a firestorm of controversy and media coverage. The university has since notified McAdams that his conduct is being reviewed in light of the university’s anti-harassment policy. McAdams told the Register that the university’s action violates its own faculty statutes.

Marquette, McAdams added, has “shown itself to be timid, overly bureaucratic and lacking any commitment to either its Catholic mission or free expression.[Precisely!]

“Religious universities tend to assimilate into the broader secular academic culture, and Marquette is no different,” McAdams said.
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Marquette is only hurting itself.