Pro-Life Wisconsin offers help to be ready for medical decisions

As we wind down the year, we seem to hear of more and more people who are dealing with illness and hospitalization. One of the first questions asked of a person as they are being admitted is, "Do you have an advanced directive?" This is far from an ideal time to be scrambling to obtain the most acceptable form and to try to fill it out in accordance with our Christian faith. It is much better to have a carefully filled out and signed advanced directive in hand or on file. Conscientiously planning ahead, or reviewing and possibly changing an advanced directive you might have filled out years ago, is critical for your wellbeing.

The Church lovingly gives us very specific guidelines as to what is morally acceptable in medical decision making. Pro-Life Wisconsin has spelled out many of these principles in a set of easy to understand pamphlets.

Some of the titles read "Advanced Directives for Healthcare," "Feeding and Hydration," "Get a Grip on the Grammar," "Persistent Vegetative State," and "The Money Factor".

Even more importantly, Pro-Life Wisconsin offers a protective Power of Attorney for Healthcare document for you to record your advanced directives in accord with your faith. Both the Power of Attorney for Healthcare and the pamphlets are available at no charge at under "Medical Decision Making," or by calling 262-796-1111. Pro-Life Wisconsin also offers, through our speakers bureau, a brief workshop on how to fill out the Protective Power of Attorney for Healthcare document.

It is strongly advised that anyone 18 years of age or over have this critical directive filled out. Never hesitate to call with questions. Be prepared to safeguard God's precious gift of life.

In Christ,
Peggy Hamill
via Pro-Life Wisconsin 

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