Across ArchMil - weeks of January 19th and 26th 2015

From the Chancery

Here's the video presentation for the 2015 Catholic Stewardship Appeal. "Witness for yourself how a gift to the Catholic Stewardship Appeal is making a real difference in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee." This year's 'See with God's Eyes' theme is reflected in a lot of aerial shots and reduced screen time for Archbishop Listecki.

Living Our Faith Radio programs included Catholic Schools Week 2015, "Archbishop Listecki & co-host Bob Benes take a peek at Catholic Schools Week with superintendent Kathleen Cepelka, PhD & superstar principal, Loretta Jackson", and Respect Life/Women's Care Ctr, "Archbishop Listecki chats with Sharon Hudy of Milwaukee's Womens' Care Center, as we prepare to March for Life in Washington, D.C. and right here at home."

In Catholic ID videos at YouTube, Rich Harter discusses Childlike Faith, "In the eyes of Christ, being the least, makes you the greatest", and Lost Sheep, "For Jesus, every sheep matters, and as Catholics, we are called to feel the same way."

At the Our Faith blog, Archbishop Listecki posted on the attack on the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. "The Catholic Church has been, and continues to be, a target of attack by the secularists" Do they say anything worse than what they could quote from our Archdiocese's files on sexual abuse of children by priests?

He also posts on Catholic Schools Week 2015. "In the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, there is a renaissance in Catholic education." Renaissance as in rebirth after barbarians brought on a long Dark Age?

Speaking of education, Archbishop Listecki wrote on how the Precious gift of life cannot be taken for granted, in a Herald of Hope column in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald. "For a long time we have been systematically subjected in the arenas of higher education to the denial of objective truth." If so, can we count on Catholic colleges and universities to be part of a solution to this, rather than part of the problem?

At the Seminaries, Monasteries, Convents

Here's the death notice of my aunt, Sr. Carol Catherine Berres, SSND. If teaching classes of 50-60 school kids five days a week and then CCD on the weekends would be 'impossible', as I sometimes hear, then she and the other school sisters went to work every day and performed miracles.

Saint Francis de Sales Seminary held a Alumni/ae Awards Celebration in connection with its Patronal Feast Day.

In the Milwaukee Catholic Herald

There's Mental health, music and food in the January 2015 myFaith! section.

And the next week, the Catholic Herald Family February issue hot off the press!

Around the Parishes and Schools

Ricardo Torres reported in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald on how Fox Point's St. Eugene Parish community tackles race issue with a conference featuring University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor Gary Williams. "'We, for the last 30 years in Milwaukee, have been ranked as one of the most segregated areas in the United States,' Williams said. 'That’s residential segregation.'" On the other hand, I note the residential patterns are very different in Madison, yet the racial disparities are worse, see the Race to Equity report, pp. 18-21.

Marquette University Mission Week: Feb. 1-6, 2015 is "Themed 'Who Cares? Charity, Justice and the Quest for the Common Good,' participants will be given opportunities for reflection on how people can be compassionate in responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers, both locally and internationally."

Lay Organizations

Casa Maria Catholic Worker's February 2015 Newsletter includes "Feb. 5 Stop Deportations and Separating Families Vigil at ICE headquarters", "Feb. 8 Benefit for Casa Maria Catholic Worker at The Coffee House", "Feb. 12 Stand for Nonviolence at Brew City Shooters’ Supply", and "Feb. 19 A Stand for Nonviolence at Marquette U".

The local Catholics United for the Faith chapter's February 2015 Newsletter includes "Fr. James Kubicki, S.J., to present an 'Afternoon of Recollection' on Feb. 15", "Unfortunately, Catholic Books and Gifts, on 74th and Greenfield, will close Feb. 28", and "Plan to attend the Ninth Annual Men of Christ Conference on March 14".


New to me, the Mission Milwaukee blog, posts Duc in Altum Retreat Audio, given by Bishop Hying

At Cream City Catholic, Adam Scott posted on Divine Mercy in Milwaukee. "I was just about in my car when I received a phone call from my mother, explaining that my paternal grandfather was near his end. ..."

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