Chicago Cantius: 24 Hours of Confessions for the ‘Festival of Forgiveness’

Saint John Cantius Church has always been known for it’s numerous Confessions, having as much as 500 Confessions every week, but now the parish is also privileged to participate in the Archdiocesan ‘Festival of Forgiveness’ which will offer 24 hours of Confessions at 24 churches throughout Chicago.

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HT Father Z


  1. I do not direct my remarks at the Parish of St. John Cantius, but in dioceses where this extra push occurs in Lent or Advent, I wish more parishes would provide more time for confessions on a weekly basis. That would some tangible sign of the "New Evangelization."

  2. Of course, this is a great initiative, but I would agree that encouraging more confession availability throughout the year is much-needed. There's no reason that every priest can't be in the confessional for at least an hour a day.


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